This 4-string longneck mahogany banjo is custom-built for plectrum-style playing. With three extra frets on the end of the neck, it allows the player to perform in a variety of circumstances and tunings. And the 12-inch rim provides a richer, deeper bass sound with added volume.

handmade mahogany longneck banjo

A large one-dollar coal scrip coin adorns the peghead, hailing from the old Winifrede Coal Company of Winifrede, West Virginia. The rich mahogany tone wood provides a warm, rounded sound. And the hand-rubbed oil finish allows the character of the grain to show through. A natural skin head and raw brass hardware complete the aesthetic. The combination of a longer scale neck and the 12-inch rim makes for a banjo with a truly unique look and sound.

handmade banjo peghead
handmade mahogany banjo heel and rim