Designed to be lightweight, economical and portable, this little number is fit to play just about anywhere. It’s an informal travel instrument with the heart and soul of a high quality banjo.

A custom built ebony tailpiece is embedded with a vintage Kansas City transit token. The handmade ebony-tipped maple bridge is shaped in the spirit of old minstrel banjos.

This handmade travel banjo features numerous original components – including a custom ebony tailpiece with vintage Kansas City transit token inlay, a handmade ebony-tipped maple bridge and a custom fit ebony peg to secure the dowel stick. The natural skin head is stretched over a graduated maple “rim” that is installed along a shelf inside the rectangular pot. The pressure of the strings keeps it in place. This allows for simple removal if the head needs to be replaced in the future.

The A-scale neck is shorter than a standard banjo, and the overall width of the instrument is only 4 inches. The small friction tuners keep the neck lightweight and in balance with the rest of the instrument.


Hard Maple construction
Ebony fingerboard and peghead veneer
Frailing scoop
All-natural tung oil finish
Nickel hardware with light vintage finish
Grover Champion friction tuners
Trademark graduated rectangular Maple rim
Ebony nut
Bone 5th string pip
Custom Ebony tailpiece
Natural calfskin head
Aquila Nylgut strings
Handmade minstrel-style bridge

The inspiration for the American KC Travel Banjo comes from vintage cheesebox containers. The rectangular “pot” is of reinforced maple construction with box-joint corners.