This fretless mahogany banjo captures a true vintage look with simple, well-placed ornamentation. A large one-dollar coal scrip coin adorns the peghead, and a matched one-cent piece sits in the ebony heel cap. Both are from the Avis Eagle Coal Company, which hailed from Logan County, West Virginia.

The rich mahogany tone wood provides a warm, rounded sound. And the hand-rubbed oil finish allows the character of the grain to show through. A custom-dyed natural skin head completes the vintage aesthetic with a golden hue that complements both the mahogany wood and the raw brass hardware.

A custom ebony tailpiece attaches to the rim with a standard tension hook.


Three-ply mahogany rim with maple core
Mahogany neck
Fretless Ebony fingerboard
Ebony peghead with vintage coin inlay
Frailing scoop
Brass side position markers
Ebony heel cap with vintage coin inlay
All-natural tung oil finish
Raw brass hardware with light vintage finish
Old-style round bracket shoes
Gotoh planetary tuners
Brass tone ring
Ebony nut
Raw brass 5th string pip
Custom ebony tailpiece
Natural calfskin head
Aquila Nylgut strings
Handmade minstrel-style bridge
Bad River shop rag