This lightweight and economical travel banjo is fashioned with a walnut neck and pot assembly. It’s built to travel easy, with a shorter A-scale neck and a narrow 4-inch width.

This travel banjo is fitted with old-style Champion friction tuners and a patented internal maple tone ring frame. It comes with a custom case that is designed in the tradition of an old wooden shipping crate – with a sliding lid, leather handle and matching leather support straps.

The Bad River travel banjo is designed for comfort, playability and economy. It is naturally lower in volume for solo practice sessions, and sits as well in the lap as it does in your back seat. The Cleage-Wills travel banjo is adorned with a vintage coal scrip coin from the old Cleage-Wills Coal Company of Clearfield, Tennessee.


Walnut construction
Ebony fingerboard and peghead veneer
Frailing scoop
All-natural tung oil finish
Nickel hardware with light vintage finish
Champion friction tuners
Trademark internal Maple rim
Ebony nut
Brass 5th string pip
Custom Ebony tailpiece
Natural calfskin head
Aquila Nylgut Minstrel strings
Handmade minstrel-style bridge
Vintage coal scrip coin inlay
Custom crate-style travel case