This 5-string cherry banjo is built with an 11-inch rim that is 3/8″ thick. The peghead sports a vintage 50-cent coal scrip coin from the historic Weyanoke Coal and Coke Company of Hiawatha, West Virginia.

The cherry rim is built with an integral matched cherry tone ring for a more rounded “woody” tone. Ebony is featured on the rim cap, heel cap, fingerboard and peghead.

With a thinner rim, wooden tone ring and fewer bracket hooks (12 total), this banjo is purposely built to be lighter than most standard banjos. This lighter weight – especially around the rim – provides less sustain without effecting tone or relative volume. When played, this equates to faster note decay and more definition between individual notes.

Instead of a scooped neck, the last six frets are set flush with inlaid maple. This allows clearance for playing up the neck and the added ability to fret strings accurately at the highest points.


Three-ply 11-inch cherry rim (3/8″ thick)
Cherry neck
Ebony fingerboard
Ebony peghead with vintage coin inlay
Ebony nut
Ebony heel cap
Ebony rim cap
Integral cherry tone ring
Last six frets set flush with inlaid maple
Hand-rubbed oil finish
Nickel hardware with light vintage finish
Old-style round bracket shoes
Gotoh planetary tuners
Traditional calf skin head
Nylgut strings
Handmade ebony tailpiece
Handmade bridge