The Weyanoke

A lightweight player

This handmade custom banjo is built with an 11-inch rim that is 3/8″ thick. The peghead sports a vintage 50-cent coal scrip coin from the historic Weyanoke Coal and Coke Company of Hiawatha, West Virginia.

The cherry rim is built with an integral matched cherry tone ring for a more rounded “woody” tone. Ebony is featured on the rim cap, heel cap, fingerboard and peghead.

Instead of a scooped neck, the last six frets are set flush with inlaid maple. This allows clearance for playing up the neck and the added ability to fret strings accurately at the highest points.

Custom Banjo Features
  • Cherry neck / 3-ply Cherry rim with Maple core

  • Fretted Ebony fingerboard with last 6 frets flush / Ebony peghead veneer

  • Nickel hardware / Old-style round bracket shoes

  • Integrated Cherry tone ring / Ebony nut / Raw brass 5th string pip

  • Ebony tailpiece / Natural goatskin head / Aquila Nylgut strings

  • Handmade Maple bridge / Gotoh planetary tuners

  • Ebony rim and heel cap / Bad River shop rag

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A note about sustainable materials

I only use domestically harvested North American hardwoods (walnut, cherry and maple) along with sustainable fingerboard materials. I’ve replaced ebony with Richlite (a superior renewable alternative) in all of my newer banjos.