This traditional fretless model is built along the same lines as the original Camberwell Fretless banjo, with a few notable exceptions. It sports a simple minstrel style headstock with minimal ornamentation and raw brass hardware throughout. The steam-bent rim is 3/8″ thick for lighter weight and a throatier tone – also in keeping with old style models from the late 19th Century.

handmade fretless walnut banjo

The Freedom Fretless is made from American Black Walnut with sustainable Richlite fingerboard and peghead. The rim is fitted with a simple rolled brass tone ring for added brightness. The vintage-style heel is boldly capped with a raw brass plate, hand-stamped with the word freedom.

handmade cherry banjo peghead and fingerboard

In keeping with historical accuracy, I found a vintage set of steel hand stamp letters to create the custom freedom wordmark on this banjo’s raw brass heel cap. I don’t know exactly how old this set of stamps is, but I love the round wooden case that holds them all together.

vintage steel hand stamps

Below is a collection of photos from my workshop showing some of the steps that went into building this custom banjo. I share content like this with every client — along with detailed descriptions — as part my process. If you’d like to follow more updates from my shop, and to see my banjo-building process up close, feel free to follow my account on Instagram.