This 5-string walnut banjo is custom-built with a 12-inch rim for a deeper bass sound and greater volume. The peghead sports a vintage large 50-cent coal scrip coin from the historic Laurel Creek Coal Company from West Virginia.

handmade walnut banjo ogee scoop

The walnut rim is built with an integral ebony tone ring and a matching ebony rim cap. An ogee-shaped scoop in the fingerboard allows for higher fretting on the bottom strings. The figured walnut neck was specially sourced from Oregon, and the hand-rubbed oil finish allows the character of the grain to show through.

handmade walnut banjo
handmade walnut banjo rim with Dobson neck

This banjo features a unique ogee-shaped frailing scoop. I created a custom jig that would allow me to remove fingerboard material along a precise path. The frets were cut to follow this path, terminating with rounded ends along the shaped edge.

ogee shaped banjo scoop

In addition to the custom scoop, this banjo features an ebony rim cap and integrated ebony tone ring. The process photos below show these elements in various stages of completion, including the precise gap built into the neck junction to accommodate the tension hoop. Feel free to follow my account on Instagram to see more process photos and the latest updates from my shop.